How a new record player can inspire you (me)

How a new record player can inspire you (me)

Okay, this is a post with some free commercial space for this company called Pro-Ject Audio Systems. That has nothing to do with poetry. But the inspiration to write the poem below comes from listening to old records of Louis Armstrong. So, how a new record player can inspire you (me).

Pro-Ject Carbon EspritInspiration for writing comes at the most strange occasions. When walking down the street, I sometimes can recite a whole new poem. The trouble is that there is sometimes no time at all to put these words on to paper. That is why I carry an old fashioned notebook and pencil with me. But even then, it’s very hard to write. Especially when I walk through a crowded city. I almost got hit by a bus the other day, because I wasn’t paying attention. Luckily the horn of the bus awoke me from my thoughts.

So, here is the poem that was inspired by the magnificent Pro-Ject Carbon Esprit record player.


Satchmo, you were a king
blowing your tune
with all that swing
How can someone be immune,
to this catchy
even scratchy
fine vibrations?
Rocking my foundations,
with your gentle touch,
that I love so much!

Satchmo, you were the man
Just doing your thang
like only you could, you jazzman
Musically interacting with your gang
There is no where I would rather be now,
till the record is done
Asking myself, wow,
how did he do this with so much fun
Full trumpet swing,
and yeah, it does mean a thing!

I am a little bit curious. Did you ever write about your favourite musicians? Care to share your thoughts with us?

Pro-Ject Carbon Esprit

More information about this record player?

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