Night of longing

Night of longing

A poem can tell us so much. Poetry is a great source of inspiration and a way to show the world how things “work.” In this poem, Night of longing, the poet 21centuryrumi took the time to show us, what it is like when it comes to longing. The longing for a lover.


Yes, we all heard these wonderful stories about true love. As Valentine’s Day is coming up, many of you are getting ready to show your (secret) love to the person you fancy. There are moments when it is not possible to show this affection.

There seems to be nothing worse than to feel this sense of loneliness. This Longing. Described perfectly by this poet. Will there ever be an end? And, will night ever turn into day. A good metaphor to describe a period in life that is darker (more sad) than others.

Candle wax isn’t something you would normally relate to the feeling of being exhaust. In this poem, it seems to fit. This wax is the result of burning and after some time, it seems to be useless. Useless or… tired. Yes, waiting can be very exhausting.

Morning is part of a new day. A new beginning. Instead of finding this morning light, there is just night. Half lit and no sign of the loved one. It is unclear where this loved one is and if there is a chance there is something of a reunion.

This is sadness. This is the opposite of Valentine’s Day and we should be aware that not everyone is able to show the signs of affection to another person.

Night of longing

Night of longing

When will this night of longing end
It has been an eternal one
Life inside me has exhausted the way candle wax does
The lamps are half lit
So are my eyes
And there is no sign of morning
And there is no sign of yours
Where have you been
Why are all the colours fading in the colour of this night
When will this night of longing end
When will this night of longing end



Since we cannot tell much about this poet, visit the Instagram profile of 21centuryrumi.

Source introduction image: Skitterphoto

Night of longing
Article Name
Night of longing
A poem that tells us what it is like when you are not with the one you love
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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