No Questions

As I am constantly being told to compromise and adjust, I filled with disgust and sadness – all at the same time. This is my poem No Questions.

About me

I’m a poet and amateur sketch-artist and I work with an NGO for Women’s hygiene and health in rural India. You can see my work on this website or on Instagram.

About the poem

As a daughter, as a wife, as a daughter-in-law, as a woman… all my life I’ve been taught not to ask questions. To accept, to compromise, to adjust and to surrender, I’ve been taught to live upto others’ expectations and be what they feel is ” ideal”. I’m denied of having hunger, fatigue, curiosity and urges. I’m denied of being a human. I’m a woman and that’s what I should be. Shouldn’t I?!!!!


No Questions

By Tanaya Mohanty

No Questions

They like me
because I do not question.

They’ll hate
when I’ll start asking
and they won’t have any answers.

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