No words

No words

As the city of London was again the scene of terrorism, it’s hard to find words of comfort. This poem, No words, is about the moment when it’s hard to find these words of comfort and the wish that some day, these words can be found.

About the poem

As I woke up this morning, I saw the push messages from various news apps I installed on my smartphone. Another terrorist attack in the city of London. Innocent victims of violence.

It’s hard to find some words of comfort for those who where there or for those who left behind. This poem is about the wish to find the right words, at some moment.


No words

By Harm Jagerman

No words

I wish that I had words for you
Words to comfort, sincere and true
The sad truth is telling about not knowing what to do,
what to tell, about what you’re going through
Sadness and blue,
I can’t take this away, if only I knew
With words of wisdom, just for you
I don’t know what to say, no clue
Other than that I hope that someday I do
have the words, just for you.

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