Note to my sisters

Note to my sisters

Zarah writes because she feels that we need to know about so many things, that could have prevented us from – what she calls – falling into traps of life. This is her beautiful poem Note to my sisters, with an illustration made by Flowsofly.

Zarah on InstagramAbout Zarah

If this is learning, Zarah is a good student. On her Instagram profile, she states that she is learning to love. Writing poetry the way she does, her poems stand out and are a good example of love poetry.

Let’s take the time to introduce Zarah. She is 23 years old and writes because of the following reason:

I write because there are so many things we need to know, so many things that maybe if we had known, we would never have fallen into traps of life or simply we would never have been badly bruised and scarred.

A good motivation to write and keep on writing. She wishes her discovery to write poetry and tell others about life’s lessons, was made earlier. Her reason to keep on writing is also motivated by the world we live in and where we all stand together.

She writes about her own experiences and healing. Self-love is important, just als the appriciation someone should have for themself.

I write to empower. The poem i sent you is a reminder for any woman out there who might be feeling oppressed and undervalued. As long as we know our value, nobody can define it for us.

Certainly a writer, with a strong motivation to keep writing. Her poems, that she publishes via Instagram, are beautifully composed.

About Note to my sisters

One must never forget who we are. That is the message that stands out from this poem. No matter how a woman dresses or how she acts, they still can be that thunderstrom that Zarah mentions. Sweetly, but not to sweet. If this isn’t motivation, what is?!

Note to my sisters

Poem: Zarah D.
Illustration: Flowsofly

Note to my sisters

To my dear sisters,
We, women, are
thunderstoms elegantly
wrapped in the finest of
adorned with the most
majestic of laces,
and embellished with the
shiniest of beads.
Easy on the eyes.
But we remain
thunderstorms, powerful,
swaying along with grace
but generating the most
royal displays of power,
and most importantly, our
nature is to be untamed and
Don’t you ever forget that.

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