When English isn’t your native language and you do want to write an English poem, we can help! That is what we did for the poet who writes under the name Wealthy Progression. We helped him out with the illustration for his poem, because we suggested some changes to the text he provided.

About the poem

Wealthy Progression wrote a poem about his future. He wrote how he could be successful in life. Personal goals, one might say.



And now!
It is what it is…
The mystery behind success;
every blessed time I think about being a gem…
which wouldn’t be merged with any other preciously;
a thing on earth…

And now!!
Here I am,
Passing through the isle of pain,
Moving through shadows of disdain,
Living my life to extremity,
Waiting to be classified with dexterity.

And now !!!
This is the mid-point;
In a ship with many captains:
He wants to use his impression, she wants to use her direction-
I think I’m feeling sick; I need an infusion…

And now!!!!
I inspire to achieve,
to achieve my desire…
Its renaissance,
a time to take cognizance of the ants and their ways.

At the end of the struggle,
I will be happy like that bubble-
released to the atmosphere.
I know I’ve achieved the chief good;
the best thing in life…

Wealthy Progression



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