The obvious is sometimes good

The obvious is sometimes good

The names that are given to slant rhyme are sometimes negative. The obvious is sometimes good, when it comes down to poetry. It’s time to dive in to the world of slant rhyme.

It’s actually pretty simple. Write a poem that combine words with similar sounds. The way they are pronounced makes is rhyme. Well, half rhyme to be honest. Some call this form of poetry lazy rhyme or imperfect rhyme. It’s all about pronunciation, this slant rhyme.

The obvious is sometimes good

If you are a fan of rap music, you know what slant is. Perhaps you didn’t know the term, now you do. This version of poetry allows the poet to be more creative. Just like free verse. But there is more than rap music. Some poets write not to be quoted by rap musicians. They write because they just want to play with words. Take for instance this poem by George Wolff.

To my wife

By George Wolffe

If love is like a bridge
or maybe like a grudge,
and time is like a river
that kills us with a shiver,
then what have all these mornings meant
but aging into love?
What now is straight must have been bent;
what now is whole must have been rent.
My hand is now your glove.

The words bridge and grudge don’t rhyme. But combined together and pronounced right, they can be used in this way.

When you think that slant rhyme is something new, then you are mistaken. Even the great Emily Dickinson used this form of poetry in her work. Take for instance the poem below.

Not any higher stands the Grave

By Emily Dickinson
NOT any higher stands the grave
For heroes than for men;
Not any nearer for the child
Than numb three-score and ten.

This latest leisure equal lulls
The beggar and his queen;
Propitiate this democrat
By summer’s gracious mien.
Propitiate this democrat
By summer’s gracious mien.

What strikes out? No, it’s the usage of men and ten. This is what we call a perfect rhyme. The words queen and mien. There you have it, quite simple and Dickinson was made famous due to these poems. Nowadays rappers make millions with lyrics like these. As for Dickinson, she never lived to be famous. Her fame rose after she died.

Your slant rhyme

We are interested in your slant rhyme! Do you want to share these with us? Please do!

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