Ocean waves on a summer blaze

Ocean waves on a summer blaze

Rubab wrote the poem Ocean waves on a summer blaze. About love and comparing it to other things.

About the poet

Artist/Writer/Observant/. Swinging on tides, hoping to catch some delights.
A mind with chaotic thoughts, darker than 3 A.m thoughts.

About the poem

The poem is actually a metaphor, each reader gets its own meaning. The poem is about the love, comparing it to different things like a ocean and waves.

The reason Iwrote it: it interprets what love actually means to me.


Ocean waves on a summer blaze

By Chaos Word RS

Ocean waves on a summer blaze

Like the ocean tides; above and
below. You are the blaze, flaring the
flow. So tell me, are you the ocean
blue or my summer hue?
Like the wind blow, you are my
ruffling-flow. Somewhat like fairy
dust or ocean stars, it’s something
worth the hold. So tell me, are you
the fairy-flow or my dawning-dusk?
Like the shooting star; dying up
alone. I come around your snow
and blaze; somewhere beyond the
smoke. So tell me, are you the
fiction of my thought or the cloth of
my Soul.

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