To write about the one you love is sometimes difficult. Other times, it’s easy and it leads to poems like the one Sayoni Mitra wrote (Ocean). A beautiful love poem.

About the poet

I’m Sayoni Mitra. I’ve been writing since I was 13.. I write because it makes me feel relaxed.

Sayoni publishes her poems on Instagram, where she uses the pen name Sayoni Says.

About the poem

I wrote this poem for the person I love.. He makes me feel like I’m the happiest person on earth.. He is slowly becoming an addiction, I can’t get rid of this addiction how hard I may try.. I keep falling back again and again in love.. Every day.


Sayoni Mitra

You’re like that depth of the ocean
Creating little ripples of pleasure & pain
But it comes out like enormous waves,
Trying to drift away, but falling back again.

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