Ode to the sun

Ode to the sun

The poem Ode to the sun is all about how love can make things beautiful in life.

About the poem

This is a poem about love and how it makes everything beautiful. It takes away all the dreadful things, according to Aastikta. She wrote us:

How the love of your life becomes the new sunshine of your life. ” The picture is shot by @ishootlandscapes

Ode to the sun

By Aastikta Sharma

Ode to the sun

At 4 am I wake up,
not to the dreadful dreams,
but to the thought of
a wonderful future that gleams.
Sipping on the coffee bedside
imagining the twinkling night,
The one with constellations aligned
and no sinisters this time.
The thought of you beside,
brings out the joy that never subsides.
You are the energy that keeps mee going,
You are the sun to my mornings hereby.

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