Of Sunshine and Tornados

Of Sunshine and Tornados

Ryan wrote the poem Of Sunshine and Tornados. A poem written with metaphors from nature, about love.

Earlier we published the poem Erasers that was written by Ryan. She was pleased to announce that he had another poem, she would like to see published. You can follow Ryan on Instagram to see what she is up to.


Of Sunshine and Tornados

By Ryan .AHF.

Of Sunshine and Tornados

Her heart is thunder,
and her being, electricity.
She has a certain aura of élan about
her : her furor to achieve,
the kind that makes you want more
from your own self – has never failed
to amaze me.
Whatever crisis life lands her in,
she manoeuvres her way
out of it unscathed.
Sure, she has her breakdowns.
But do you know what I love about her?
She takes her weakest moments
in her stride and never lets that arrow
even graze her ever again.
She’s sunshine, she’s the stuff
tornados are made of.

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