Oh, Alice…

Oh, Alice...

The way we think about beauty and how one is supposed to act, can be the cause that some of us are holding themselves back. These situations are something that many girls and women are struggling with. The standards for beauty and how to behave can hold back creativity and other ways to strive. This poem is about those moments and especially the realisation that one needs to do, that we live in such a strange world. Be yourself, that is all you need to do. Here is the poem Oh, Alice…

About the poem

What can we say about those sad moments when a young girl is questioning her beliefs or starts to doubt her appearance. These moments can lead to excesses, we all heard of.

The poem doesn’t discuss those excesses, but we all know what these are.

Be yourself, your wonderful self! That is all what counts!

Oh, Alice…

By Harm

Oh, Alice...

Oh, Alice, my dear
Have no fear
Out here we are all the same,
with hopes and dreams and slightly insane
Alice, you shouldn’t be frightened,
but be enlightened
We’re all mad here


Alice, taking your trip downwards
Not sure if you’re moving upwards
In the mirror you can only see
a reflection of that what you’re not supposed to be


I wish you take my fatherly advice
and always think twice
Before crossing the street
and talking to strangers you meet


Alice, Oh, Alice, don’t spend your time
looking at things that aren’t real
For the thoughts you feel
about magazines you read overtime
They are filled with hollow figures,
Photoshopped in order to please advertisers


Yes, Alice, you have scars
tucked away in your memoirs
But remember this,
Oh, Alice, please don’t miss
Your ability and capability
to succeed, when facing the reality
You are the one who can stand pain,
you’re not insane
You are you, just like the others and don’t fear,
because we are all mad here.


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