One sided love

The poem One sided love tells us that she has no regrets when it comes to love and what it’s doing to her. This is a poem written by Neelima Prakash.


Not every relationship is a new start. The things you might have experienced during the previous relationship can be of influence on the new relationship. It all comes down to dealing with these ghosts of the past.

Neelima tells us about a girl, who has no regrets about the love and what it’s doing to her. Her guilts isn’t letting her agree on the fact that this time it’s different. This is a relationship that can be defined as a one-sided love. When someone in the relationship mostly uses the other.

In this poem, she is responsible for this one-sided love.

One sided love

One sided love


He restricted her beauty to the face merely,
Never identified the soul-
was always in a hurry,
Forgot to admire her shoulder’s mole
Her body was his only destination,
Holding hands and lovemaking was just a perception
As though she loved without any condition,
So never had any objection
One day, she was asked –
Are you satisfied??
Can his fake love be justified??
Demystifying she replied-
it’s what she does to him afore, now coming back to her magnified.

Neelima Prakash


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One sided love
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One sided love
A poem about a one sided love.
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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