One tribe, one vibe

One tribe, one vibe

Simran Sachdeva wrote the poem One tribe, one vibe as she describes her journey. This journey about writing poetry.

Poetry and Tea on InstagramAbout the poet

Simran lives in India and publishes her work on Instagram, under the pen name Poetry.and.Tea.

I have always been an avid reader but never a writer, until recently. I won’t call myself a poet, but a budding enthusiast of poetry and lover of art in all forms.

Simran writes because it’s a good way to express her feelings.

When I felt like I was brimming with thoughts that I couldn’t explain I just wrote them out. In that I fell in love with poetry. It gives me peace and a sense of purpose.

About the poem

I wrote this poem using the word ‘tribe’ as a part of an Instagram challenge. It’s about my own journey, how I delved into poetry and the sense of belonging one feels being a part of any group. It talks about how we are all connected through our love for words, readers and writers all across the globe.
It’s a tribute to one such tribe.


One tribe, one vibe

By Poetry.and.Tea

One tribe, one vibe


When all doors slammed shut,
They build a new one for me.
Bringing in sunshine,
Some tea and poetry
Along with a new world
Full of hope and possibilities.
Linked by words, from overseas
Hooked by art and same idealogies
To express their thoughts,
Bridging gaps with commas and dots.
To appreciate and empathise
Beauty in all forms, be it
Ballad, an ode flowing in rhyme
Or tear jerking expressions of lexime.
Sole reasons for their pride is, poetry
All members of this tribe, avid poets inwardly.

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