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Yes, many of you have seen it already. There have been some serious changes to our website, over the last few days. We promised, that the changed logo wasn’t the only thing. There is more to tell about changes.

When we started our mission to spread poetry across the globe, we wanted to become an online community. This community would thrive on those who decided to create a portfolio at our website. We decided that this is not the way we want to present ourselves. We are more than that. We are The Ministry of Poetic Affairs and we are an online poetry magazine. Not only there to promote poets, but also give support. Therefore, we decided on some changes.


Member website

We told you earlier, that the member website was closed for new submissions. But, the member system isn’t really gone. We are offering full access to our website for those who register. This registration is free of charge. You can also decide to pay an amount of 5 USD per year. This allows you to benefit from more options than the standard membership plan. With the money we raise, we can continue our services. If you don’t want to register, there are other options to support us.

Click here to found out more about our membership plans.


We are open for donations. With these donations, we can continue our work. The infrastructure will be guaranteed and who knows what we can offer in the future. These donations help us grow. You are in total control on how much you pay using PayPal.

Our new website
Our new website

New lay-out

One of the major changes, apart from the new logo, is the new lay-out of our website. We decided to make the website more mobile friendly. We even got a submission form for those who use a mobile device.

New options

We are planning to release more new options within the coming months. All the new options will be announced on our website. So, do come back, just like the more than 8,000 people from all over the world, who visit us monthly.

Facebook integration

One of the newest options is the Facebook integration. You can comment on our articles using your Facebook account.

Poetry magazine?

Since we do more than just promoting (we are still doing that and for free, don’t worry), we are now an online poetry magazine. We give backgrounds, provide assistance and give tips for writing.

Are you our new editor?
Are you our new editor?


If you want to write for us, that is possible. Read more about the options and how to inform us about you wanting to write for us.

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