Out of words

Out of words

It’s ever writers nightmare. To experience a period that is referred to as writersblock. Samreen Khimani wrote a poem about this period. In her case this is a period that is the result of being lost for words. Her poem is titled Out of words.

About the poem

I have written this poem to express the times some of us fail out of words. We all are human beings and we all have days where we do stop.

Out of words

By Samreen Khimani
Out of words

It was then I realized I
couldn’t pick up that
pen, express how I
feel. I lost the power to
turn paper into pages
of emotions that could
move hearts. I felt
blank, just like running
out of candle wax,
wich would then turn
off the flame. The art of
carving perfection of
rhymes got lost
somewhere in between
anxiety and worries.

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