Pain is my Faith

Pain is my Faith

It’s not that often that we receive a poem written by the main character of a fantasy series. This is what the poem Pain is my Faith is about; a poem written by the fictional character Skye, who sprung from the creative mind of Ryen Lesli.

About the poet

Ryen is a writer of the series The Lights. She told us she is stuck in what she calls submission hell, where she is trying to find an agent. So her work can be published. We are hoping for the best for her.

You can follow Ryen on Instagram and read more on her website (her website is under construction, more information will follow soon).

About the poem

Pain is my Faith is written by the fictional character Skye.

She has turned dark and struggles with the loss of her boys, that are trapped in the forbidden world and she cannot free them…

Pain is my Faith

By Ryen Lesli

Pain is my Faith

In my dreams I am stuck
a constant that tortures and fucks…
they are there, my lost boys
trapped in that darkness
Pain is our faith
Faith is our hell
Death is the answer
free me… I won’t tell…



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