Parallel universe

Parallel Universe

I find the phrase parallel universe somewhat interesting. It inspired me to think about the poems I write. Sometimes it feels like I am looking down at someone else who writes these words.

Not that I reflect everyday. From time to time I do some soul searching. It is a great good that I can write in freedom. Using the words that I want and not having to let someone telling me what to write. In some countries this is a dream for those who live there. I hope that someday the dream of freedom comes true.

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs wants to give those who can’t write in freedom a stage. Our stage is to promote words that are about freedom, but not written in freedom. As you can imagine, we offer the chance to publish work of poets without credits, if their wish is to stay anonymous. And who knows, maybe we can use the real names of those who want to stay anonymous.

Parallel universe

Parallel universe

By Harm Jagerman

In my parallel universe
I’m writing parallel expressions
on parallel lines
The ones that leave impressions
Stronger than worldly possessions
Like stars in the corner of the universe
All leading to a new verse
Universes colliding
forever wanting
to be able to write in freedom
That is all important in my auditorium
My parallel universe
where I immerse

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