Past the point of fear

Past the point of fear

Fear can cause you to stop, to halt, to stall and to freeze. Should you be lead by fear? According to the poetess who writes under the pen name Pendemonium (Instagram: Pen_demonium) it should not. Let’s take a look at the poem Past the point of fear.

About the poetess

When taking a look at the profile of this poetess on Instagram, one can only think about one word that comes to mind. This is also the title of a poem she published: this is transition. Just like the poem, Past the point of fear, she uses her poetry to show the world she moved; transition.

Let’s use the words of this poetess, someone who doesn’t really feel the need to say more about herself, than her work.

I am female (perhaps the best summation of who I am) and I write to examine and learn as well. It feels that I have no choice.

If left with no other choice in life, but writing, she does a magnificent job. This is her way to express herself and she can be proud of the work she published so far.

About Past the point of fear

She lived with those, who are extremely abusive – both physically and mentally. This poetess witnessed how fear can stop, halt, stall and freeze. But, if we take a good look at this poem – the intensity is stricking -, we see someone who is growing. Beyond fear, one might say.

This is a poem that is both intriguing and in a way uplifting. The poetess tells us about what it used to be like, but now it isn’t. Uplifting, because she managed to move forward and, indeed, beyond a certain point: past the point of fear.

Past the point of fear

Past the point of fear

By Pendomonium

I have lived with
Crush your trachea
Choke your psyche.

I will not
Knowingly choose
(My knowledge has widened).
But I will
Never be

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