What’s not to like or love about the name The Phoenix Poetess? Words about children and how they are the future of this world. Combined in the poem called Persevere. A submission using the option to tag our account on Instagram.

About the poem

When we asked this poetess for a motivation about this poem, she gave us the following answer:

Children are the future of our world. They observe everything with innocence, beauty, intellect and pure honesty that is unmatched. They should be valued and nurtured in a way that allow them to develop unobstructed and not be forced to fall in line with what society deems appropriate.

We can only say that all these words are so wisely chosen. If you want to follow The Phoenix Poetess, you can do this on Instagram.


By The Phoenix Poetess

little child
do not blend
do not break
in the face of society

who are they to set your standards
you are a gift to earth
a treasure to be discovered
a well of untapped potential

so venture forth
with those piercing eyes
and conquer what is yours for the taking

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