She was honored, when we told her we want to promote her work Phoenix. This is the poem written by Emmanuella Alile, who writes under the pen name Ella Fortte.

Emmanuelle Alile
Emmanuella Alile Source: Instagram.

About Emmanuella

Emmanuella lives in Nigeria and writes under the pen name Ella Fortte. Her journey began when she was a child. Books provided her comfort and shelter. She considered books as her special place, with treasures, wondrous things and all kind of magic.

When she grew up, she realized that she was able to invite others into her world of adventures. She did this using her words, written words. This is her imagination, we see on her Instagram profile. And to some extent, this is not only her imagination that she captured in poetry.

About Phoenix

The story behind this poem is shown the moment you finished reading the last line. The existence, even when there is not much room for that. Extinction or, to put it in a milder phrase: the way people can -over and over- try to bring someone down, by not believing in the one they bring down.

Emmanuella wrote us that she sees it all the time, in her personal life. There is a good note, over and over she proved them wrong. This only made her more determined to go on, to strive. As it comes to her poetry, she doesn’t need to worry about a thing.



You need to understand that I will
grow, with or without your presence I
will break forth from the earth and
blossom, with or without your two
sided compliments to “water” me I
will bloom. I will exist even in your

Ella Fortte

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