Ryan wrote the poem Photographs. A poem inspired by a movie she watched and made her think about fake smiles, just for the right photo.

Ryan uses the interesting Instagram pen name __squiggles___.

About the poem

I was watching a movie, and it had a scene with a family photograph session. It really got me thinking and I realized how many times I’ve faked smiles for the sake of a photo



By Ryan


you see but smiling faces.
but if you want to know what was going on while we looked at each other
as if we were family,
why and how in a room full of smiles, not one was genuine,
come to me,
and I’ll tell you how that morning,
tears were mocked,
and hands reaching out, ridiculed.
my heart bled,
but no one thought of
stitching it up,
for they were all too busy
stabbing each other –
drunk with pride, high on arrogance.
and now, all i am left with is a photograph.
as i trace my fingers
over these
fading faces,
my heart stings with pain
as memories of people
who could have done much better
come to haunt me again.

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