Places inside us

The Indian poet Ashish Khetarpal wrote the poem Places inside us. This poem is published in his book entitled When the wind blows. It’s a poem about being both strong and weak at the same time. Like light and darkness, hope and sorrow and yin and yang. A beautiful reflection of a poet who took his poetic refuge in France.

AshishAbout  Ashish

Ashish was born in Meerut (India) and studied English Literature. He started writing poetry at the age of sixteen.

He calls himself a poetic refugee. He works at a school in the French city of Rennes and travels between his home country and France. At the school he works at, he is an English Language assistant.

When the wind blows is his first book. It was published with Notion Press Inc. This book is available via Amazon in paperback version. There is also a version for Kindle readers.

At this moment, Ashish is awaiting the release of his second book, a collection of short stories while working on another volume of poetry due to be released in 2018. We will have to wait, if this book is such a wonderful collection of beautiful written poetry as his earlier work. The poem Places inside us, is such a good example of the talents of this gifted writer.

When the wind blows

About Places inside us

How strong someone appears could be caused by how we want to see someone. Strong and weak are close to each other, just like day and night – or as Ashish calls it: light and darkness. He takes the contradictions a step further and it doesn’t stop there:

“…As much hope as sorrow, as much yin as yang. It remains to see for each individual which of these binary opposites will take over.”

Isn’t life all about these opposites? Isn’t the real beauty to see the things the way they are supposed to be? Remember, gold shines, but is it always so valuable?

The poem consists of three stanzas. Boldly: the last stanza consists of one line. As Ashish needs to emphasize that we are actually both. A golden rule for those who don’t feel strong. There is a good chance that the real strength lies within.

The poem contradicts and tries to make the reader think about contradictions. In fact, things that are considered to be impossible. How can a deaf person hear music? How can someone who is visually disabled see the world?

To keep it short: this is the kind of poetry, that stands out. This is the work of Ashish Khetarpal. A poet worth to follow. He publishes his work on Instagram where he uses the pen name Poetic Zephyrs. Yes, a slight breeze, that is more than welcome in this world where we consider things to be normal, but they aren’t at all.




Places inside us

By Ashish Khetarpal

Places inside us

There is a place where
The deaf hears the music
And the blind sees the world,
The dumb speaks in verses
And the limbless travels the earth.

There is then a place where
The ears hear nothing
And sight becomes a curse,
The tongue curls backwards
And the limbs cease to hurl.

Both these places are inside us.

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