planet building for mortals

The Australian poet Scott-Patrick Mitchell loves to play with words. This is his poem planet building for mortals. A poem that he described as a “playful look at all of the elements that make up this giant rock we call home.”

Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Scott-Patrick Mitchell Source: Instagram.

About Scott-Patrick

Scott-Patrick is a published author/poet. His first book was published in 2009 (“Songs for the ordinary mass”). He likes to play with words and language and he writes experimental performance poems.

He publishes his work on Instagram and Facebook.


About the poem

Originally, Scott-Patrick wrote this poem for World Poetry Day 2018 (March 21st, 2018). Although this day has passed, we are still thrilled to publish this poem.

The most striking in this poem is the appearance. The poem consists of small or smaller parts of the text. It tells us about Scott-Patrick’s view on this world we live in. We are all mortals, dwelling on this gigantic rock floating in space. He manages to relate his poem to poetry in general and love. He uses modern-day phrases and words to show his feelings.

The most important lessons to learn based on this poem: everything can be a weapon and everything should be considered as a gift.

This is a poem to cherish and to read out loud, very loud!


planet building for mortals

planet building for mortals

what is a world made of:
poetry; physics; middle
ground; molecular myth;
pets being better than a
person at expressing un-
conditional love; an ever
expanding dance people
do to happenstance; an
assortment of odds &
ends; forgotten first few
years, breathing; idiots &
immigrants; wifi; psychic
paper filling out poems,
imprinting into pulp; time
travel & standing still; us;
firmaments & the infirm
theories in persistence
beyond them, bending;
here; pocket universes,
perfect for storing your
trauma & victimhood in
if you’d rather just cope;
coins; lists that go on &
on; an inmate resistance;
everything is a weapon;
every thing can be gifted;
the place where you are
standing & how it skews
your view, you & me too,
if we let it do; a wet blue;
orogeny & origin stories.


planet building for mortals
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planet building for mortals
His view on the way we mortals live in this planet
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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