Please remind me

Please remind me

The American poetess Angela V. Dulay writes under the pen name A Haiku Heart and she wrote a poem about how hard it is to find answers, when it comes to love. This is the poem Please remind me.

Angela on Instagram
Angela on Instagram: A Haik Heart

About Angela and her poem

Angela publishes her work on Instagram. She loves writing poetry and makes her own art. She wants to help others to find the beauty and meaning in their lives.

I live in Southern California in the United States. Why do I write? I write to clarify my thoughts and feelings – writing poetry helps me to cope with life and its confusion. I write to figure out where I am, and what that means, and hopeful to create something new and beautiful out of it. The poem is about love and how it is hard to find answers.


Please remind me

Please Remind me – I

By Angela V. Dulay

my treasure my truth
silent like an emerald
shining in your hand

the wind and sky have spoken
they told me why I found you

heart plese remind me
when the hard moments arrive
to sing a love song. 

Please remind me

Please remind me – II

By Angela V. Dulay

look me in the eyes
do not look away this time
I want to see you

I want to walk into fire
but smoke gets caught in my throat

this is just a dream
this interval this heaven
this meeting this moon

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