Poem: Endless run

Endless run

Endless run, a poem written by the Canadian Alexandra. She started writing when she was a teenager and kept on doing this. This time we share a poem about the struggle with anxiety and depression. That it may inspire you to write!

Alexandra on InstagramAbout the poet

Alexandra is 23 years old and lives in Canada.

I started writing when I was a teenager, mostly to express things I couldn’t say out loud. I recently began sharing some pieces of writing on Instagram, with the main themes being mental health, self-esteem, and body image. I try to be as honest as possible in my writing, hoping it can reach and make some people dealing with the same issues feel less alone.

About the poem

This poem is about struggling with anxiety and depression, more specifically about fighting with the repetitive and exhausting thoughts that accompany them, and the discouragement it can it can lead to.

Alexandra uses Instagram to share her work. On Instagram she uses the name All.Sad.Words.

Endless run

By All.Sad.Words

Endless run

I run circuits in my mind
I run on circular paths
trying to find what i did wrong
I run on never-ending ever-changing paths
to get under a ceiling or a sky
that won’t numb or burn me
something that i can live under
I run in circles and straight forward
my heart is strong and
my legs don’t shake anymore
but my mind is breaking
tired of seeing the same girl
running on the same paths every day
always ending up under the shadows
of the same tree
all the paths are breaking under my feet and
I feel myself falling into a void
with no ceilings and oblivion skies

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