Political Promises

Political Promises

Some politicians in this world should read poems such as Political Promises more often. The poem tells us, that there is a need for change. A well-written poem by the English poetess Clare Welch (CWPoet).

About Clare

She presents herself as someone who writes poetry for others to read, share and enjoy. She can enjoy reading poetry by others as well when she isn’t writing her own words.

When asked, who she is, she gave the following answer:

“I am a female from London who enjoys writing in transit.”

Clare publishes her work on the social media platform Instagram, where she uses the name CW.Poems.

About Political Promises

Haven’t we all experienced those promises, made by politicians during the elections? At least if you were lucky enough to live in a country where you can freely choose between the different political parties and persons representing these parties. Even in countries that are considered as ‘free’ countries, it can be quite the deception to see that politicians don’t meet up to their promises. As soon as they are elected, they tend to forget these promises.

Clare wrote about these promises. She feels that her poem is intended for everyone who feels underrepresented or marginalised by those who hold power. If you read good, this is also a protest against those who aren’t willing to listen anymore.

A well-written poem that is politically and socially “charged.” Just like many of her beautiful poetry on her Instagram page. We can only hope that those who are in power will read poetry such as this and make the changes that are needed. It all begins with listening, as you can read in Clare’s poem.


Political Promises

Political Promises

Calorific words weigh us down
We’re way too saturated
By your suited and booted jargon
The public wants answers
Words solidified by your creations
Stop shifting the blame
Go exceed our expectations
For the youth don’t know where to
look, for lack of inspiration
So they walk around in circles
In hope and anticipation
That someday you will stop and look.
For they are the future,
All-seeing, current, educated eyes,
Who lament for a time they will never

Clare Welch (CWPoet)

Political Promises
Article Name
Political Promises
A must-read poem for every politician
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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