She (Opinder) writes under the pen name Poesy_Poems and in daily life, she is a teacher. This is her poem, Positivity, about hope in situations that seem hopeless.

About the poetess

This poetess writes about love, care and friendship. As she wrote on her Instagram profile: Straight from the heart.

I am a teacher. I teach children at early ages (between six and eight years old). I enjoy working with them.

She calls herself an inexperience poetess, but wants to explore what’s on her mind.

About the poem

I believe there is always a hope in every hopeless situation.




By Poesy_Poems

Sometimes you feel yourself environ by

Unexpectedly a tiny glint will show you the
right direction

Giving you a positive inclination

Isn’t this positivity? The poet wants us to start believing, if we didn’t already. This is a good example of motivational poetry. A form of poetry, that this world sometimes needs!

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