Pretending to hear…

Pretending to hear

Sometimes it is nice to pretend to hear something that is not there. This morning I heard a bird sing. I pretented to hear a goodmorning. It wasn’t a goodmorning, just a bird singing. The poem Pretending to hear… is turning something common into something special.

Nature can be inspiring to write poetry. Many poets have done this before me and many will still do this after me. How about you? Are there natural phenomenons important enough to write about?

Pretending to hear…

Pretending to hear
By Harm

It was the night I kissed away
A new dawn, a new day
Greeting the new
saying goodbye to the old
I stood there and I knew,
that I was alive to witness this moment
While the wind kindly blew,
I softly spoke goodmorning, and there was bestowment
about the songbird who sang as it was to answer my greeting
or at least, that is what I was thinking
He didn’t greet me at all,
it was just his call
His call to find another bird to start a nest,
but at that time me pretending to hear it greeting, was the best

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