For writers and poets

The Ministry of Poetic Affairs isn’t just here to share articles about poets of the past. Poets who publish their work on social media, who write (and publish) books and have their websites are also worth to be promoted.

In the webshop of The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, you can find all the options to help you as a writer and poet. Some of these services are paid services and some are free.


The Ministry of Poetic Affairs launched this webshop to offer people that don’t have an unlimited marketing budget to benefit from essential tools or possibilities.

The products in the webshop are dynamic. This means that they are updated regularly and new products may appear in the webshop.
Is there something missing? Don’t hesitate and contact The Ministry of Poetic Affairs to find out what the possibilities are for you!


The Ministry of Poetic Affairs is an independent poetry platform. The services offered here are independent. No sponsoring and no influencing. All this to help you with your online activities.

Products in this section/webshop are based on years of experience in website development, website management, design and online marketing.


If you have any questions regarding the products in this webshop, contact The Ministry of Poetic Affairs! Use the email address [email protected].


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