Pure woman

Pure woman

The poem Emily Dant wrote, Pure woman, hints at the sexual expectations of women and the unfair conditions they face.


Emily Dant on InstagramAbout the poet

My name is Emily and I’m a junior in high school. I’m very passionate about writing, especially poetry. If you like this poem, please check out my Instagram @poemsed for more like this. Thank you!

About the poem

This poem indicates the struggles that women go through relating to sexuality. Women are conditioned to look sexually appealing, but are criticized, if not worse, if they act on it. A woman’s worth is not based on the amount of sex she has.

Pure woman

By Emily

Pure woman

step into line, dear
breathe out all your sins
straighten your dress skirt
and wash up your skin
pull up your stockings
and lower your eyes
cover your breastbone
and don’t show your thighs
your body is meat, dear
but must remain pure
the men can look at you
but will take no tour
stand tall yet be small
and smile but don’t speak
sweet innocence in your eyes
and blush on your cheek
you may try to run, dear
but you won’t get away
for wherever you go to
you shall become prey
your legs remain shut
or you’re dirty; tainted
it truly is sad that your
mind shall be wasted

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