Queen of Hearts

He calls himself a hip-hop poet and is from Ontario (Canada). He wrote the poem Queen of Hearts, that he wanted to share with us. Erik E-tomic Johnson and his poem Queen of Hearts.

Erik E-tomic JohnsonAbout the poet

Erik is a 30 year old poet from Windsor, Ontario (Canada). You can follow him on Instagram to stay updated as it comes to his writing.

About the poem

I wrote this piece in honor of someone who has recently inspired my belief in the possibility of love and true connection hail to the Queen.


Queen of Hearts

By Erik E-tomic Johnson

Queen of Hearts

We pressed the wrinkles
From his old soul,
We poured fresh steel
Into new molds and spun
Short straws
Into pure gold, for
She inspired him in
Regards to not holding
Back his cards
Ships have sailed
But love embarks
We follow star charts
To crown his love

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