Queen of misfits

Queen of misfits
Read the poem "Queen of misfits" written by Just Little Red about misunderstanding.

Poetry can reflect emotions that are linked to one point in time. This leads to some beautiful, very creative expressions. This is the poem written by Shama (Just a Little Red) entitled Queen of misfits.

About the poem

The poem that Shama wrote, was inspired by emotions she experienced. Emotions about the fact that she has many friends, but that day she felt no one understood her. She felt like a misfit. Someone who doesn’t belong where she was or is.

“They didn’t tease me about my obsession with books and fantasy but they like to point it out when the opportunity presented itself. And hence why I wrote it.”

Just a Little Red is her pen name on Instagram. She brings us poetry from the heart. This poem is a clear example of what was on her mind and how she was able to form this into a poem. A great poem, a beautiful poem. Follow this poetess on Instagram for more updates.

Queen of misfits

Queen of misfits

You deemed me,
The Queen of Misfits.
Mocked me with a paper
Crown and asked me to rein
Forsaken grounds.
As my first devoir, I banished
you from my Kingdom.
Alas, you were too befitting
for my taste

Just Little Red

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