Spreading poetry across the globe, with powerful, beautiful and touching words. That is what we do. Words like the poem written by the Australian poetess Lucinda proves that poetry is art. She wrote the poem Queens.


plus_que_blueAbout the poet

Hello! I am Lucinda, and I write to document my daily thoughts, so I can better understand my world. I am from Australia and live by the sea. There is a lot of French influence in my writing, as I speak it and wish to live there soon.

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About the poem

I wrote this poem because I feel that recently all of the beautiful women in my life have been walked over by a loved one. It’s a reminder for self-love and a reminder for self-worth. I titled it ‘queens’ to show that each and every one of them are golden.



By Lucinda


you are enough
you always were

he enjoyed loading bricks on you
watching you shrink and anxiously skew
until you had crumled and had to cry out
and walk barefoot in remains of the drought

it’s easy for them to make you feel small
their power makes them deaf to a looming fall
and for a while there you let them pretend
that you lost your voice to murmur “the end”

you must feel lught and gravity rid
and though it was daunting, you’ve made it now kid
now you only have yourself at last
to nurture, to love, to walk on the past.

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