It is never easy to see the one you love walks off with someone else. It inspired Writingitout to put her emotions in a poem. The poem Radiant is a strong reminder that there is always someone left behind, who will question if the emotions that weren’t there anymore would be there in a new relationship.

About the poet

I am only a girl writing my feelings out anonymously. And over a period of time on Instagram I have realised a lot more people feel the same way. I write because it gives an outlet to my emotions. Writing gives my thoughts and feelings a clarity to even myself.

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About the poem

I could only think about my ex and the time spent with him when I had to associate the word with something.
He is a person full of life and light but the world brings him down a little. Work, responsibilities
He is apparently with another girl. So I only hope she keeps the spark alive in him. What I failed in




By Writingitout


I hope she brings that smile on your face
That got lost with every argument of ours.
I hope you keep her loved
And not until it suffices your heart.
I hope you venture out in the unknown thistime
And not play it safe for the fear of getting hurt so far.
I hope your mornings are more radiant
Thank your glum monotony
With her to keep you happy
Regardless of the circumstances on the arch.
And I hope
That I have hope for my life
Without you
And I stay quite with this hurt in my heart.

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