Rain inside my words

Rain inside my words

When it comes down to poetry and to describe love in poetic words, Vishal Sharma (The Daft Introvert) did a splendid job using metaphors to get his message across. This is definitely one poet to follow on Instagram!

VishalAbout the poet

Vishal is in his second year of Computer Science Engineering at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India. He publishes his work on Instagram.

About the poem

This poem is based on the rain. The metaphor I have used is romantic and signifies rainfall as a form of love.




Rain inside my words

By The Daft Introvert

Rain inside my words

In the open chambers of all the love buds,
Rains upon the fragile emotions contemplating us,
Putting waters over my poetry to facilitate eagerness,
I am so tensed yet malleable in my approach to your body,
As the delicate subjugation may impose omnbibus slurs,
This rain is creating fire inside me fueled by your whispers,
And yet again I got wet in the fire of desires and lust,
But your body dipped in the rain is worth worshipping,
And the legacy says you are the queen of enchanted whirlpool,
Whimsically depositing my entire poetry in the rain..

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