From Friday May 26 till Saturday June 24 it’s Ramadan. This is the period when Muslims fast. This is part of their religion. The poem written by Harm Jagerman pays tribute and shows respect for those who join to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad.

About the poem

This poem is not only for my Muslim friends. It’s for all the Muslims in this world. Nowadays we live in a world, where many have something to say about their religion and not always in a good way. There is much more to the Islam than one might think. And to be very clear: some actions of those who believe that violence is the way to achieve unrealistic goals are not the believes of all Muslims. Let’s never forget this, please.

This poem is a simple way to say, that I have the deepest respect for those who join in a month of fasting. On Northern Hemisphere, this period is in the months of May and June. These months may cause a toll on those who participate. Therefore, I wish them strenght, power and wisdom during this month. With nothing more than respect, respect, respect.



By Harm


Strength, power, wisdom
For those who need it, this Ramadan
It isn’t something adventuresome
It’s the advocation
of the acceptance of the First Revelation
For that, I can only show respect
Something you wouldn’t expect
from someone who believes in a different way
For me it’s normal, that you may
speak with words of respect and admiration
Instead of condemnation
So many speak in words of hate
about faith
and believes,
causing nothing but grieves.

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