A spiritual journey caught in a poem written by Tamsin Doust: "Reaction."


Tamsin Doust
Tamsin Doust.
Source: Instagram.

About Tamsin

Tamsin Doust lives in Scotland and is 25 years old. She has been writing since the moment she was taught how to write. She considers it to be her passion. She finds her inspiration to write from her own adventurous life.

She finds herself “On a journey to shine a light and leave the darkness to the night.”

Tamsin shares her thoughts, creativity and her poems on Instagram.

About Reaction

Tamsin wrote the poem Reaction as a reaction. A reaction to the spiritiual journey she takes.

The path of self transformation can be a tedious one to begin but in being patient, and kind to myself I felt re-awakened and energised to pursue my dreams. Taking the time to find, and nourish your spirituality is, in my opinion, the best way that you can alleviate inner turmoil and transform that energy into love. I’ve found that love is the energy from where real life is born, and real passion is produced. Reaction was the by-product of this revelation, and I’m proud of it because it shows me, emphatically, just how far I’ve come.

Impressive words, but so is this poem. The poem is interesting, catching one might say, because of the because of the repetitions. We cannot wait to share more work of this talented Scottish poetess.



Reaction is action
Action is forward
Forward is progession
Progession is relevation
Relevation is awakening
Awakening is spirit
Spirit is being
Being is you.

Tamsin Doust


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