Hurting yourself. Is that something that anyone does? Unfortunately, yes. By writing the poem Ready Anna Lete wants to create awareness for self-harm.

It is not every day we show you some confronting material. The story behind the poem is as strong as it can be. Self-harm, also known as self-injury or auto mutilation. For those not familiar with this: it is defined as intentionally injuring oneself, without the intent to commit suicide. These two things are not related.

Anna wrote a poem about self-harm in regarding to the question “Where do you keep your tools for self-harm.” She wants to create awareness for this.

Anna writes openly about her bipolar disorder. She uses the media Facebook and Instagram, where she uses the pen name Annaxmania to write about herself. In the form of poetry that is. She calls herself a wanderer and writer.



By Annaxmania

Some people keep knives and

I don’t have to keep my tools.
They’re always on me.

I keep them long and sharp.
Only cutting them when necessary.

All I have to do is stare at my nails.
They’re always there.

Ready for the next cut.



Even though we posted this poem about self-harm, this doesn’t mean that we are a supporter of this condition. If you need help on dealing with these issues, please contact a medical professional. This might seem like a big step, but it is the right thing to do. Love yourself, you are worth it.


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