Official announcement

Over the past few months, The Ministry of Poetic Affairs has published several poems that were supposed to be written by a South African poet. Unfortunately, these words that he claimed to be his, they weren’t his. In some cases, we found out that he used words of others, complete poems and citations.

As the Ministry of Poetic Affairs is strongly opposed to any form of plagiarism, we deeply regret this from happening.

This statement doesn’t make up for the wrongly used words. This also doesn’t make up the time these words were online. We cannot take back that time, unfortunately.

At The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, we offer a platform for those true poets – not the ones who steal words from others. This is what it is: theft. According to some laws, this is considered a crime.

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, do feel free to contact us for more information.


The contact form of this website was disabled. The project "The Ministry of Poetic Affairs" is no longer an active project. See for more information:

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