Religion, the villain

Religion, the villiain

Sunil Johnson uses the pen name The Poetic Monk on Instagram. He wrote the poem Religion, the villain. A strong poetry that debates the struggles of two lovers, torn apart by religion.

About the poet

Sunil Johnson is an antrepreneur from Bangalore (India). On Instagram he uses the pen name The Poetic Monk. He writes poetry to deal with his depression. He writes about love, relationships and life.

About the poem

The poem is based on true events that took place in the life of Sunil. He was forced to end his relationship, because his girlfriend’s family did not approve of his religion. This poem tells the story of those two lovers, torn apart by the community because of religion.

A lot has changed in this world, but religious fanaticism still prevails. There are parts of the world where people from different religion/caste are not allowed to be united in marriage. What can one do when an entire community decides to be against it?

Love just happens. It knows no boundaries, race, religion or rules

Wise words written by Sunil. We strongly hope that he will be able to deal with his depression, but will always keep on writing such beautiful poetry. Poetry that we are more than happy to promote!

Religion, the villain

By The Poetic Monk

Religion, the villiain

It was sad how their story ended
Two innocent lovers were shamed
Their love was torn apart
without mercy,
Cause their Gods were not the same…

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