Repeat it

A wake-up call in the form of a poem. The poetess Poetry and Tea wrote the poem Repeat it. A poem that tries to evoke confidence.

About the poem

This poem is like a wake-up call. It tries to evoke confidence into the readers by its powerful phrases. To be bold and take control and live life on their terms. Not to let anybody else pull their strings! And definitely not let insecurities and fear deter them.

It’s to remind that, nobody else should have the power to control your life, other than you.

Poetry and Tea publishes her work on Instagram. Click here for her Instagram profile.

Repeat it

By Poetry and Tea

Repeat it

My fears are not by boss,
So why should I
Let them dictate me.
Snatched my strings,
For I refuse to be their puppet.
Set them ablaze
For lest they interfere,
Took over control
Because I am the boss of me.

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