Rhapsody of Energy

Rhapsody of Energy

Michael Sean Douglas Harrison (pen name Sonorous Poetry) wrote a poem about a friend of him. The problem is that the feelings he has aren’t mutual. It inspired Micheal to write a poem about this.

About the poet

Michael lives in New York describes himself as an aspiring artist, poet and pianist. He also sings. Quite the creative type, one might say! If you want to follow Michael on Instagram, click here.

About the poem

When we asked Michael what the poem Energy Rhapsody was about, he gave the following answer:

Energy Rhapsody is actually about a man, or rather a young man. He is a friend of mine and frankly I’ve fallen for him, only thing is… He doesn’t feel the same, and my adoration seems to be pushing him away, or rather, already has. I wrote the poem from memories… He no longer talks to me.

Rhapsody of Energy

Rhapsody of Energy

By Sonorous Poetry

His love is thus rhapsodic,
Like fire, flowers, coals,
The embers of his passion light,
A fury in my soul.

His every word,
That single key to make a measure whole,
His very touch,
That final step,
In the dance between two souls.

The flourish of his every move,
Is like a river’s rush,
Free and wild,
As the forest,
Peaceful as the dusk

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