Rhyming is what helps her

Rhyming is what helps her

It was an impressive answer we received, when we asked about her reasons to write poetry. It’s time to meet the poetess who writes under the pen name Emily Roberts.

Emily Roberts on InstagramAbout the poetess

She thinks that posting her work online is one of the most vulnerable things she can do. Therefore, she decided to use a pen name. She decided to tell her closest friends and family to tell about her writings. For the rest of the world, this is just Emily Roberts, who writes beautifully.

Organizing her work is important to her. That is why she doesn’t only post her poems on Instagram, but also on her WordPress website. She is still finding her way, when it comes to blogging. We have full confidence, that she will eventually be able to show a fully organized website.

The journey of this poetess began at the beginning of 2017. She listened to a podcast, that inspired her to start writing. The first thing that came from that decision to write, were verses containing rhyme; poetry.

Writing isn’t really a new thing for Emily, since she was always expressing her thoughts trough writing. That moment she so vividly remembers, marked the beginning of her poetry writing.

“There was no turning back.”

That there was no turning back, shouldn’t be a problem. She shared some beautiful poems. Her style is different from what we mostly see on social media. Emily decided to get back to the basics of poetry: rhyming. She often writes what inspires her and how she deals with this. Take for instance this poem. Waves of creativity, unknown about when they will hit her. That is what poetry is about. The inspiration comes and goes and will be there at different moments.

Bad thing?

There are many ways to write poetry. We were actually surprised about the criticism Emily got from another poetess. She told Emily that rhyming was the easy way out. Let’s take a look at the definition of rhyme, according to Merriam-Webster:

The definition of rhyme
The definition of rhyme.
Source: Merriam-Webster.

But, the beauty about poetry – the art form poetry – that there are no rules. For instance, take the much-used free verse. This form of poetry lacks every form of rhyme and meter. Something we see very often. There is nothing wrong with that. Using the term, the easy way out, when it comes to rhyming is strange. There is no easy way to write poetry. Poetry comes from the heart and souls of those who write it.

There is no definite guide to poetry. It isn’t a trick and Emily realizes this. According to her, there is no Welcome to Poetry guide available, once you decide to write poetry:

“There is no “Welcome to Poetry” manual you get when you declare yourself a poet (though that would be super convenient). Everyone has to find their own way, but it sounds like for many people that journey leads away from rhyme.”

We could not agree more with her words! Using a different style is just like the different styles as it comes to painting. All is known as painting, but there is a big difference between a painting by Rembrandt van Rijn or Edward Hopper. Both of them were however painters.

“I understand everyone’s style is different and I love the diversity of the online poetry community, but I wrote that poem because there are people are naturally rhyming poets like me who may never find or share their voice because they were told today’s poets don’t do that anymore. That would be a shame. There are some amazing poems that don’t rhyme, but I would never be able to write those.”

It all comes down to one important detail. The way people express themselves is based on the reason they write. In the case of Emily: it is what helps her through her life. This is the only way to write, because it results in poetry written from the heart. One can only stand to applaud and in the case of Emily, there should not be any reason to have any fear about her writings.

Rhyming is what helps her

I hear poets no longer rhyme.
It’s a relic of past time.
We pride ourselves on novelty.
Rhymes aren’t novel. They’re too easy.
That may be true. I may be false.
I’d rather that than not at all.
For rhymes come so naturally,
That’s the poet I want to be.

Emily Roberts





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