Right or left

Right or left

Piyush Kuhad is a poet from Chennai (India) and is about to publish his first book. This is his poem Right or left.

About Piyush

So , I am Piyush Kuhad , from Chennai, India. I am a student, entrepreneur and soon to be a Hindi published writer with my debut entitled Alfaaz dil ki zubaan as one of the co-writers.

The reason for Piyush to write is diverse. Sometimes it is because he can’t speak out, other times because he can. There are many things in life that he writes about and it gives him  a sense of freedom. It is also the way to reveal his stress. He is thankful for others who are inspired by his words.

About Right or left

Piyush wrote this, because there are always many questions facing us. This means choosing the right path and make the right turn.

We miss out the opportunities on the left, so it’s just a message to all readers. To choose the path less walked on and the path they like.


Right or left

By Piyush Kuhad

Right or left


Some times ,
” undestined directions leads to destined destinations “.
– so take a chance


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