Rising above the ashes

There will come a time when you are able to rise (again) after a breakup. This is the message that the English poetess Iman Hamid brings forward in her poem Rising above the ashes.

About Iman

With over 24,000 followers on Instagram, it safe to say that this is a well-known social media poetess. We have published her work before. There is a good reason that she is so popular on Instagram: she writes beautiful poetry.

Iman is the granddaughter of a Kurdish poet, whose work can be found in many Iraqi Kurdistan’s libraries.

In daily life, she is a lawyer.


A breakup can be difficult to handle. Although the word suggests it, a breakup is always different. The way how people deal with this breakup is different for everyone.

In her poem, Iman wants to show women that there is a way out of this cesspool of emotions.

“I wrote this poem for those women who have the ability to move forward in life after a bad breakup. For those who have the courage to face the world, whilst still trying to heal.”

A wedding, an encounter with her ex-partner. This isn’t her wedding, yet she is there. And she is able to show that she can flourish again after this difficult period.

Maybe those who are faced with a situation as described, can’t understand it’s possible to flourish. Let’s hope that words such as Iman wrote are both inspirational and motivational.

Rising above the ashes

Rising above the ashes

She dressed beautifully in his wedding, not because she wanted his
attention anymore.
But because, she wanted him to understand that women are strong and
determined to rise above their circumstances.

Iman Hamid

Your breakup

What is your story? Have you ever written about a breakup or are you still writing about this breakup? Then we can promote your thoughts. Send us your poem today!

Rising above the ashes
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Rising above the ashes
How you can strive after a breakup
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The Ministry of Poetic Affairs

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