Running away

Running away

This poet calls writes under the pen name Silent Suicide Poetry on Instagram. One day, this poet hopes to publish a book with a collection of poems.

About the poet

I live in Durban (South Africa) and write to get over the pain from my depression.  I believe in the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword and I see the bad in everyone,  before I see the good trying to hide it. I’m an absolute metal head and enjoy the deathcore and death metal genres, my favourite bands being Whitechapel, Attila Impending Doom and Lamb of God. I hide my self in anonymity and am absolutely content with people not knowing anything about me.

Because this poet wants to keep a certain anonymity, we respect that. Follow this talented poet on Instagram for more updates.

Since this poet doesn’t use titles for the poems, we used te first line of the poem to identify the work.

Running away

By Silent Suicide Poetry

Running away

Running away
From the things that control you
A bright new day
But your demons still tax you

And i can never be
A perfect fucking image
And you cant see
I don’t care about my image

And there you go
Running away again
Things are only so
Until you fall on your face again

And the demons
They haunt you
And from the shadows
They taunt you.



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