Sadness is dark

Sadness is dark

It’s all about the pen name or alias when it comes down to the poetry of Ophelia. She described this poem to be a good companion for late nights and a good bottle of red wine. It makes her think of him.

About the poet

Ophelia describes herself as follows:

I am a Maltese female creative. 32 years old.

Ophelia is the favourite Shakespeare character. Ophelia appears in the famous play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark written by William Shakespeare. Using old images for her poetry, she succeeds in creating a sense of mystery.

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Sadness is dark

Sadness is dark

By Ophelia

Sadness is dark
You can’t even call it a colou
It’s the colour of your eyes
I crave
Regret reeks
You can’t even call it a scent
It’s the smell of you skin
I can’t waive
Black and blue in the face
Longing for you by my side
Red wine I easily embrace
Lusting for you by my side

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