A poem written by the Canadian Matt Summer, who works in communications in the American capitol Washington DC. This is his poem Scathing. It’s about saying the wrong words, the ones that can hurt.

About the poet

I am Canadian and have grown up in Ottawa, Canada, Paris, France and Washington D.C. I work in communications and love writing and the power of words. I love music and I have always love reading lyrics and this is how I started writing. It also enables me to write what I feel but am not willing to say out loud.

About the poem

This poem is about a friend of mine who said my words can sometimes hurt and I should be more careful when I speak my mind so I felt inspired and wrote this!

You can follow Matt on Instagram, where he uses the pen name M.G. Summer.


By M.G. Summer



Scathing words are all I know
Private schools have
made me so

My foot never strays
very far from my mouth
Sometimes I wish I kept it shut

Things I say
I barely mean
are all you remember anyway

Forgive me
for my impulses
My inner demons have fallen asleep.

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