This is a poem, written about a medical condition that we know as schizophrenia. A poem written by the Indian poetess Deepasha Kapoor.

Deepasha Kapoor
Deepasha Kapoor
Source: Instagram

About Deepasha

Deepasha is 21 years old and lives in India. She studies and when she is not, she writes. This started with a personal blog website about philosophy and from there on it went to poetry. Under the pen name Peaceful Flames, she writes on her personal website. Like many poets, she also uses social media. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

According to Deepasha, poetry is a way to get your message across, without using many words. One can discuss about this, but when it concerns this poetess: she uses less words, but writes beautiful poems.


I write poetry, because I believe there is so much more to words than just alphabets.

That is a very good way to describe her work.

About Schizophrenia


According to Wikipedia, schizophrenia is a mental disorder, that is charaterized by abnormal social behaviour. It also makes the one who suffers from this condition, fail to see the reality in life.

Read more about this condition on Wikipedia.

The poem Deepasha wrotes is about such a person. In this case, it is a girl. A girl that sees things that aren’t here. She also can hear people speak, who aren’t real. This all makes her think about her own life and if it is even real at all.




She sees what’s not there
Hears more so than ever
Her mind vividly imagined
if her life was also unreal.

Deepasha Kapoor

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